Need to Know

My Rules

  1. All laws and rules must be obeyed. Examples:
    1. Valid Texas Freshwater Fishing licenses — unless not required 
    2. 12 years of age & under must wear a life jacket while in the boat, whether moving or not.
    3. Any fish kept must meet the legal length and quantity limits 
  2. Only two beers allowed per legal age client
    1. No alcohol is allowed when minors are present
    2. No hard liquor is allowed
    3. Intoxication is not tolerated
  3. I reserve the right to terminate a fishing outing at any time due to intoxication, belligerence or obnoxious behavior.  In such cases, no alternate provisions or monetary refund will be granted.
  4. Largemouth and smallmouth bass are all released.  Keeping crappie is at the client’s discretion.  Releasing all fish is the preferred choice.  When clients want to keep legal crappie, I will gladly fillet and bag the crappie, if asked in advance of trip. For conservation purposes, I limit the crappie kept to a total of 25 per trip.
  5. All tackle needed is furnished: artificial lures and live bait.  I reserve the right to charge for excessive lure loss.
  6. All equipment is furnished: rods, reels and lines.  I reserve the right to charge for damaged or lost rods and/or reels. 
  7. An cooler is furnished on the boat, so please do not bring a cooler to the boat but have one available in your vehicle, if requesting crappie filled.
  8. Clients may furnish their own rods, reels and tackle (equipment).  Due to boat space, the maximum number of client rods and reels is four and only one small to medium tackle box.  Clients are responsible for their own equipment damage or loss.
  9. Safety and attentiveness is extremely important so the number of people is limited to four adults.
  10. Corporate and large groups require special advance arrangements to coordinate with additional guides.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions are most often asked. If you don’t find your specific question(s) answered below or find them under My Rules, call me or send an email.

What should I bring?

  • Layered clothing — to cover up or stay warm and check the weather forecast.
  • Rain gear — check the weather forecast
  • Sun glasses — polarized is best
  • Sun block — you can burn even on cloudy days
  • Camera — waterproof digital is best
  • Valid Texas Freshwater Fishing Licenses - must be purchased before meeting

Do you have a restroom on the boat?
No. However, most lakes do have facilities within a reasonable distance. 

Do you furnish lunch?
No.  However, I do furnish snacks and water. On full day trips, most clients enjoy taking a break for lunch, so we generally eat (Dutch treat) at a local restaurant.  This allows time to visit, ask questions, rehydrate and rest.  It does not reduce time on the water. 

Can we keep fish to eat?
Yes.  If you want fish to eat, we crappie fish and can keep up to 25 per trip, which is plenty.  Although, the current legal limit is 25 per person I am a strong believer in conservation.  I gladly clean and bag the fillets. You just need to have an ice chest in your vehicle to take the fillets home.  I do not keep largemouth or smallmouth bass, but do enjoy taking photographs.

Can we use live bait?
Yes.  Minnows are furnished when crappie fishing.  Bass fishing is artificial only, unless live bait is requested.  Live bait for bass fishing is an additional charge. 

Do your rates include transportation?
No. Transportation is not included in my rates. A specific time and location will be determined in advance.  However, special arrangements can be arranged in advance at an additional cost.

If we get tired of fishing, can we go sightseeing or go in early?
Yes. I am your hired servant for the paid period.

If we want to go in early, do we get a refund for the unused time?
No. Below states how I handle different circumstances.

  • In the case of a medical emergency, I will credit the lost time @ $50 per hour towards another trip.
  • If dangerous weather forces us to quit early, I will credit the lost time @ $50 per hour towards another trip.
  • Credit must be used within three months of original trip date.
  • No credit is given for trailing boats or extra people.

Can I bring my own equipment?
Yes. Even though I furnish high quality equipment, some people are just more comfortable using their own rods, reels and lures. Because of space, I do limit the number of rods and reels to four and 1 medium size tackle box.  I do find that very few people ever have the correct rods, reels, line or takel and are handicapped when using their own.

How are cancellations handled?

  • If I cancel the trip (such as dangerous weather, medical, etc.), you may reschedule or I will refund all money paid.
  • If you cancel less than 4 calendar days of our scheduled date and a replacement trip is not scheduled, no money is refunded.  However, you may reschedule for another day, but the rescheduled date must be within six months.

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